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About universal fairs

Universal Fairs promotes and produces a variety of shows and expos in the USA: Hunting & Fishing Shows, Boat Shows, Fairs & Festivals.


Since its inception, Universal Fairs has become one of the leading independent promotion and production companies in the US, providing an exciting and totally comprehensive range of services to consumers and exhibitors alike. We pride ourselves in service and strive to meet the needs of each person who attends our shows. Our staff has a combined total of over 50 years in the production and promotions business and we strive to bring you the very best.

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One of our key values and favorite sayings around our office is that "We Sell Fun!" Our events are about family and friends coming together to do the things they love and we hope your experience at our fairs and shows will make you feel like you are part of our family. Please look around our sites and we hope to see you out at one of our events in the near future.

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Event Staffing

Finding the right people for the job is vital to a successful event.

Site Layouts

Clean layouts are vital to a successful event. Learn about traffic flow.

Exhibits & Vendors

Fill your shows with quality exhibitors. Give your customers that "extra something" to take home.

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Mark Lovell
Founder & President

Fearless Leader. Recovering Chocoholic. The Man with the Plan.


Natural Born Counter. Contagious Laugh. Method to the Madness.

Jan Hamilton
PROGRAMS director

Go-Getter. Radiates Happiness and Energy. Sweet as Pie.

DIRECTOR OF operations 

Resident Nerd. Former Rock Star. Wonders if the Logo Should Be Bigger.

Master of Bulldozers, Backhoes, Forklifts & Tractors. Sets Up and Tears Down Each Event.

Condred Gowan
Vendor sales
Scott Weaver
Warehouse Manager

Can Fix Just About Anything.

Most Likely to "Let his

Hair Down". 

Early Bird. AKA "Mr. C".

Voted: Most Organized. 

Sale Closer. 

Joyce Eads
Accounting Director
Winford Davis
Transportation Director

Master of Tetris and Parking cars. Nose to the Grind. 


Reason for Mark's Chocolate Addiction

Cornelius Magillicutty
Director of Fun & Awesomeness

Life of the Party. Ladies Man. National Ping Pong Champion.

Jack of all trades 

Goes with the Flow. Problem Solver. Motorcycle Guru. Glass Half-Full Kind of Guy.

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